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Outdoor session tips

  1. Choose a nice location, that represents you. It can be a park, a farm, a zoo, a beach, a forest or a very urban, city center spot. Either way, you should feel comfortable with the location chosen.

  2. Not all pictures are posed, so think of a nice activity that you enjoy doing as a family. It can be reading a book, playing cards, building a snowman, exploring the fields, etc. Family photos should be unique and should capture your interests and personalities. 

  3. Pick your clothing. Coordination is important, but more important than that is that you feel comfortable. You can pick a color scheme, I usually recommend neutral colors, but avoid anything with big logos, lines, stripes or bold graphic. The mom should decide on the clothes first and style all others around her choice. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and are proper for the location you've picked. Kids clothes should be comfy and think about cute accessories for all of you (vests, jewelry, hats, tights, cardigans/jackets, boots, umbrella).

  4. Prepare the kids. Let them know in advance that someone will take their photo. They can become stressed around strangers, so make sure you sound enthusiastic and relaxed.

  5. Make sure everyone eats before the session. A small meal or a snack prevents grumpy kids. Also, you can think about a nice reward for after the photoshoot (it can be something sweet), this will ensure the kids are cooperating and staying engaged longer. 

  6. Bring small props that help the kids relax (their favorite toys, a small blanket so everyone can sit, a book, a game, a bubble bottle).

  7. Prepare for candid shots. When things are not going to plan, little ones cannot focus, it's not their smiling day or not everyone is looking at the camera, shooting can still bring out the beauty of a family. Just trust your photographer and let go. 

  8. Relax & try to have fun. Kids will be kids so loosen up and enjoy the session. Connect with your kids in a natural way and be sure those moments will turn out to be captured in the most beautiful pictures.


Studio session tips

  1. For studio sessions, we decide the wardrobe together. It's important that you feel comfortable so it's fine if you prefer to wear your own clothes. The studio offers a wardrobe for pregnancy, newborn & kids (certain ages) photo sessions. 

  2. We decide the style together, let me know in advance if you prefer more candid shots or classic poses. I adapt easily to every style and person but communication is key. If you have a vision, it's better to discuss it beforehand.

  3. Again, make sure everyone eats before the session. It's hard to capture beautiful moments or expressions when kids are hungry and grumpy. 

  4. Bring your favorite props or accessories. The studio offers a variety of props so we can go through them before the shooting. Pets are welcome. 

  5. Relax & enjoy! 

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