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The Sessions

I offer 3 different types of sessions, different in the shooting time, post-production time & the number of photos. These are: the Mini, Full & Exclusive Sessions.

The Mini sessions are more connected to special occasions, times of the year such as Christmas sessions, Mother Day's Sessions etc. 

The Full Sessions are slightly longer and give you access to more outfits that I have available. You receive more pictures in your gallery. 

The Exclusive Sessions are more luxurious, basically you can change as many times as you please, we shoot in 2 different locations and you receive an extensive gallery. 


The Packages


The packages are designed to show my appreciation for loyal customers. They include 2 or more sessions, 2 or more stamps, albums or square murals. The shootings are more complex, the galleries are vast. My packages tell a story, the story of your most important life moments: when you carried your babies in the belly, brought them to the world, helped them walk, celebrated their first birthday. 

I offer 3 main packages, based on the type of sessions you desire: 

- the Bump & Baby Package;

- The Exclusive Bump & Baby Package;

The 1st Year Together Package;



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