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Welcome to Little Cuddles!
I am Diana and I started this photography project as a way of expressing my love for photographing kids.
My photography is specialised on Maternity & Newborn
sessions,  but I also do couple shoots, single portraits, small weddings or other events.

My studio is in Lugano, but I'm willing to travel around Switzerland or North of Italy. 

Below you can read more about what I value in photography and how I started doing this. 

Capturing beauty, love and emotion

My Photography Story

I've been in love with photography ever since I was 18 and I received my first camera. I've always preferred landscape and travel photography,  because I'm slightly shy & introvert. 

However, after my son arrived, I became more interested in capturing moments with him. 

Fragments of childhood, laughters, the way his hair shines in light, the way he holds my hand. 

I decided to take photography to a professional level when we moved to Switzerland, in 2019. 

In 2021 I opened my studio in Lugano so I started doing a lot of studio work (Maternity & Newborn).

My Values

I want to capture nice moments in a beautiful, artistic manner. 

Every photoshoot has an idea, a base, I always prepare my shootings in advance and decide on the theme, colours, mood.

I value simplicity in a photograph, artistic imprint, spontaneity, candidness but also the beauty of a pose or a model. 

I believe the best shots happen when my subjects feel at ease with me & the camera so I create connections before I take pictures, so I can uncover feelings and more intense emotions.   

My Style as a Photographer

Photoshoot:  I always prepare the photoshoot in advance and try to connect with the models before shooting because the best pictures either express the emotions of the subject or create emotions in the viewer. 

My studio style is more posed but still natural whereas my outdoor style is more towards lifestyle, authentic, unposed. 

 I edit all photos simply because I want to offer the best of that captured moment. My studio edits are more complex, I can completely transform a picture but the outdoor sessions are discreetly edited. Either way, I try to maintain a natural look of my subjects.


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